Changelog: Intro & Fleet Blocks

Try new jobs and get priority access to blocks.

Apr 11, 2024


Blocks are what we call periods of work during which you are contracted to work directly for a business. Until now, there has only been one type of Block, which anyone can apply for.

However, this next release (v3.3.5) contains changes which allow a business to post two new types of block: Intro and Fleet blocks.

Intro Blocks, for new riders

If you haven’t worked for a business before, try an Intro block to learn about the job and get added to their Fleet.

Fleet Blocks, for preferred riders

Once you’ve completed a block for a business, they have the option to add you to their Fleet.

Being a member of their Fleet gives the business the ability to switch on ‘auto-accept’ for you so as soon as you apply for a Block, if there’s space, you will be accepted immediately.

There’s also been a few other bug fixes and some design updates.