Changelog: Profile Verification

Get verified to prove you're legit

Feb 29, 2024


This release contains some important changes to your profile and introduces some behind the scenes updates which lays the groundwork for Worker Status Blocks as well as the usual bug fixes.

Get Verified

Use your Rodeo profile to verify your documentation and show businesses that you are a professional and legitimate worker.

When you apply for a Block on Rodeo Works, the business who posted it will review your Rodeo profile and choose whether or not to pick you.

Verifying your documents shows that you are legit and meet the requirements.


This is critical to prove to businesses that you are who you say you are and also a necessary step to unlock access to Rodeo Works.

Right to Work

Needless to say, having the Right to Work in the UK is a legal requirement and verifying just takes a minute.

There are two ways to verify your Right to Work:

  1. With a British passport: simply scan it directly in the Rodeo app.

  2. Without a British passport: upload your UK Government Share Code.

If you used your British passport to verify your identity, your Right to Work will automatically be verified.

Drivers License

Verify your drivers license so businesses know you can legally drive when you apply for a Block.

If you used your drivers license to verify your identity, it will automatically be verified.


Compulsory Basic Training, which you are required to take before you ride a moped or motorbike, lasts for two years so upload your document and we will verify that it is still valid.

Challenge 25

If you are happy to deliver booze, complete the Challenge 25 training.


Upload a picture of a valid DBS certificate so businesses can see your (unblemished) criminal record.