Changelog: upgraded support

No more sliding into your DMs

Apr 25, 2024


Until now, if you wanted to get in touch, you had to dig around in various parts of the app to find a button which would open up a Whatsapp with us. Not great for you, and not great for us.

Support ?

Now, wherever you see Support or a ? (or both) you will be able to either send us a message or look for help in the articles we've written about how to use the app. You'll find this at various points where we think it's likely you'll want to chat with us (like when you want to get paid!) but you can also find this at any time at the top of the Profile page.

In addition, we've also added a Next steps button at each stage of working a block. If you tap this, you'll see a bit more information about what is going on during that stage of the process and what you need to do next (e.g. how to check in) to make sure things go smoothly, which might be particularly useful when you are working your first block.