Where did all the Stuart orders go?

A lot can change in a year

Apr 19, 2024


We estimate that there are 30-40% fewer Stuart orders in London this year and that the top places to find them have changed.

What does this mean for drivers?

Stuart orders can be a great way to top up your earnings - it typically has higher fees per order than Uber and Roo. But as many couriers have noticed they have become harder to find in the past year.

Why? Just Eat Bailed.

Historically Just Eat used several delivery models, including relying on the restaurants to do self-delivery and (briefly) employee drivers a.k.a. ‘Scoober’, but a large number of orders were sent to Stuart for delivery.

These Just Eat orders (mostly McDonalds) accounted for the majority of Stuart deliveries but in 2022 the two companies agreed to part ways. Since then Just Eat have been phasing out Stuart and replacing the service with their own gig worker drivers (with a few tech glitches on the way). This transition is still ongoing but should be completed later this year.

The result is that if you want to find orders on Stuart, hanging around outside McDonalds probably isn’t your best bet any longer. We crunched the numbers to show you where the best spots in London are likely to be these days…

Where are the best places in London for orders now?