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What's Rodeo all about?

We are on a mission to put you in control

Jan 20, 2024


You should have the right to choose to be independent

The gig economy has transformed the way many of us work. It offers flexibility and freedom over when and where to work. Everyone’s situation is different and we fully support your right to choose flexible work if you want to. But…

As an independent worker, you deserve access to a fair, transparent and competitive market for your services

Being independent means being able to make independent choices. This only works if the market is:

  1. Fair - everyone should be held to the same standards.

  2. Transparent - drivers should be able to see how much jobs pay and how long they will take.

  3. Competitive - drivers are able to work for multiple companies and see who is offering the best pay.

The current gig market is failing drivers

Delivery drivers have received pay cuts for several years in a row, despite record high inflation.

Why is this possible?

Firstly, by allowing unchecked substitutions, platforms like Deliveroo, Uber and Just Eat effectively enable anyone to work for them. This means that people who don’t have the right documents, insurance and equipment end up undercutting legitimate workers.

Secondly, the lack of transparency prevents drivers from being able to maximise their earnings. Platforms use large amounts of drivers’ data to decide what fees to offer (i.e. how low they can go), but then prevent drivers from using their own data to decide which orders to accept and who to work for.

When offering drivers jobs many platforms do not show key information like how long orders will take or how fees have been calculated,

Some platforms then prevent drivers from using own data about their past orders to analyse and compare their earnings.

None of the platforms tell drivers when they change pay, even though this can have a massive impact of thousands of people’s lives.

We believe you should have control over your data so that you can build your own tools to decide which companies to work for and which orders to accept or reject.

We are building a fairer, more efficient way for workers and businesses to work together

We are building tools to help you operate as a truly independent delivery professional.

Track your earnings and compare fees

The Rodeo App enables you to import your data from your different accounts. You can then see how much you are earning and analyse which the best apps, orders and times are.

By aggregating the data of different riders we can also show which platforms pay the most, warn you if any platforms change their pay formulas and check platform’s claims about how much they pay.

Find more clients and build your business

Rodeo Works enables the best riders to use their Rodeo App to find new clients to work for.

Riders are the face of many businesses and good businesses want to work with reliable, professional riders. You can use your Rodeo Profile to demonstrate your experience, show what vehicles you have, build up your reputation and find new clients.

We might upset some people along the way

We’re ok with that. With your support we can make the sector fairer, more transparent and more efficient.