Who cut fees in 2023?

Another year of pay cuts

Jan 28, 2024


🪓 We estimate that Just Eat secretly cut average pay by 9% and Uber by 2% in 2023
🦘 Deliveroo continue to fight against pay transparency
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Another year of pay cuts

Estimates are based on millions of orders completed by Rodeo users.

Hundreds of thousands of drivers had their pay slashed with no warning or explanation, according to our analysis. This follows similar cuts in 2022, while inflation is at a record high.

These ‘stealth’ pay cuts highlight why we need more transparency in the gig economy.

Deliveroo’s fight against transparency

You will notice that Deliveroo are not included this year.

While other platforms respect your right to access and use your personal data, Deliveroo have fought to prevent riders from being able to use Rodeo to track and compare their earnings.

We don't know what they are trying to hide but we think this is short-sighted, cynical and poses a threat to the future of independent delivery work.

Why it matters?

We fully support the freedom to choose to be independent and flexible. But being independent doesn’t mean giving up all rights.

We believe you, like everyone else, have the right to a transparent, competitive market. Data is key to this.

Platforms use your data to decide what fee they should offer to which drivers. As an independent driver, you should also have access and control over your data so you can:

  • compare job offers and choose which work to do;

  • analyse how your pay changes over time;

  • hold platforms accountable for public claims they make (more to follow on this 👀);

  • manage your finances, apply for financial services and file your taxes.

What can be done?

Under GDPR you have the right to use Data Subject Access Requests to access and control the personal data that all companies hold on you. We are exploring ways to use these rights to ensure that you can access your Deliveroo data and see when they change their fees.

If you are interested in finding out more please click here.