Who offers the best benefits?

Deliveroo, Uber, Just Eat or Stuart?

May 24, 2024


All of the platforms provide some level of insurance and cover. Not all of them make it easy to work out what these are!

We’ve done our best to extract the relevant info and rank the platforms.

The benefits are broken down into three main areas:

  • Sickness insurance (not related to an accident)

  • Accident death/injury/disability insurance

  • Parental payments

Please let us know if you think we've made any mistakes or have more info to add.

🤒 Sickness insurance

🏆 Best - Deliveroo, Stuart

🥄 Worst - Just Eat

Just Eat is alone in not offering protection for non-accident sickness/injury. Stuart and Deliveroo’s policies are very similar (and Uber’s isn’t much worse).

Sources: Deliveroo, Uber, Stuart

🤕 Accident injury/death insurance

🏆 Best - Deliveroo

🥄 Worst - Just Eat

All of the platforms offer a payout if you are killed or seriously injured while working.

The amounts are pretty similar but they all define when you are covered slightly differently with Deliveroo being the most generous and Just Eat the stingiest.

Sources: Deliveroo, Uber, Just Eat, Stuart

👶 Parental payment

🏆 Best - Deliveroo

🥄 Worst - Just Eat

Once again Deliveroo come out on top and Just Eat are the only ones who don’t offer a payment if you have a child.

Sources: Deliveroo, Uber, Stuart


Overall there is a clear winner - Deliveroo!

And a clear loser - Just Eat!

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