Build your profile

Do a good job, get more work

Mar 8, 2024


Why should you build your Rodeo Profile?

We believe people who work hard and do a good job should be rewarded, so from the start we’ve built in a ratings and attendance system to allow the best people to stand out.

Making sure your personal information is up to date, your documents are verified and, importantly, your attendance record is good and your rating is high gives you the best chance of accessing work with guaranteed earnings which is paid the next day, through Rodeo Works. And as some of the early adopters, you have a head start.

When you apply for a block, the business checks your profile to make a decision about whether or not to accept you. The image at the end of this post shows what businesses see when you apply.

Personal details

We show your name, phone number and the languages you speak. We also show your profile picture, so upload a clear one, if you can.


At the end of each block, you will receive a rating from the business you worked for (and you will leave them a rating too).

A high rating improves your chances of being selected.


Showing up reliably and maintaining a high attendance score maximises your chances of being accepted.

No shows are incredibly painful for businesses who rely on you for an essential part of their operation.

You will get a no show and reduce your attendance score if you either:

  1. Don’t show up for a block, or;

  2. You cancel and the block is not re-booked.


Tell businesses who you have delivered for and, if possible, link your accounts to verify your experience and show how many orders you’ve done.

Filling this section is particularly important if you haven’t yet completed a Works block and therefore don’t have a rating and attendance score.


This section shows that you have all the paperwork required to work legally in the UK and other requirements, such as a drivers license, Challenge 25 training etc.

Find out more here.


Most businesses require specific vehicle types so complete this section to show what you use. Some businesses provide the vehicle for you, in which case it will be clearly shown on the block details page when you apply.